Help The Barnyard Sanctuary moove to a new home!

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$60,000 goal

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The Barnyard Sanctuary is MOOVING!!

PLEASE HELP: After a year long search, we have finally found a new temporary home to move to!! We must raise critical funds NOW to build vital infrastructure such as fencing and housing so the animals' new home is ready when moving day arrives SOON. We were given a 2-3 month extension on our lease (for over double the existing rent!), plus adding on the new farm rent, so we need to raise the money we need for fencing and the move and get moooving!

Our priority is to create a safe environment that allows the animals to thrive and experience the lives they truly deserve.

We need to build:

  • Stable and secure fencing to keep predators out
  • Straw-filled barns to snuggle in on cold nights
  • Paddocks to protect them from the hot sun
  • Custom habitats that will allow them to graze, wallow, play or swim!

Your contribution plays a pivotal role in helping us achieve this goal. With your support, we can build the necessary facilities and create a sanctuary that will serve as a haven for these remarkable beings.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey as we work together to inspire a brighter and more compassionate future! To learn more about our mooving campaign, please read our Case For Support.